Wine list

Our wine list offers you the best Piedmont wines

Our wine list comprises the best labels of typical Piedmontese wines. In addition to prestigious local labels, our list includes wines from other Italian and European regions, selected by our experts to ensure the best pairings with our dishes. Don’t hesitate to consult us to choose the wine that best combines with what you would like to eat. Ask us for the cork, in order to take the bottle with you when you have finished your meal – a good wine deserves not to be wasted, but to be enjoyed and appreciated until the end. Our wine selection includes Nebbiolo delle Langhe, made from a black grape variety native to Piedmont. Nebbiolo is certainly one of the most prestigious Italian wines, a variety that combines the productivity of the hills located to the right (Langhe) and to the left (Roero), of the Tanaro River. These grapes reach maturity rather slowly, compared to other varieties of red grapes. Our wine list also presents the king: Barolo, a wine whose elegance and personality have no equal anywhere in the world. We could define Barolo as the great Italian wine par excellence, obtained from the vinification of purely Nebbiolo grapes grown in the heart of the Langhe hills, a few kilometres south of the town of Alba. This territory includes 11 municipalities, linked together in a picturesque itinerary through the hills.

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Wine list
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