The hotel restaurant serves the best of Piedmont’s typical cuisine

In our restaurant you can have lunch or dinner, enjoying the best of typical Piedmontese cuisine, and pairing the dishes with your selection from the many wines in its well-stocked cellar. Our chef specialises in the preparation of first courses, second courses, side dishes and desserts, carefully following the classic recipes of Piedmont’s gastronomic tradition, while giving each speciality a modern interpretation.

For example, among the appetisers you will find the following specialities:

  • ⦿ bruschetta (toast) with burratina (fresh cheese) and basil
  • ⦿ liver paté and white chocolate with caramelised red onions
  • ⦿ vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce)
  • ⦿ roasted peppers in oil and vinegar with tuna
  • ⦿ battuta di Fassone (beef tartare)
  • ⦿ black rice with prawns
  • ⦿ zucchini parmesan
  • ⦿ baked aubergine with raschera cheese and tomato

First and second courses

The first courses are also typical, and delicious. Below are some from the menu:

  • ⦿ tajarin (taglierini pasta) alla piemontese
  • ⦿ agnolotti del plin (pasta filled with spinach) with butter and sage
  • ⦿ gnocchetti (little dumplings) with tomato and pesto
  • ⦿ lasagnette (small lasagna) with swordfish and prawn sauce

The second courses are mainly meat dishes. Here are some examples:

  • ⦿ stuffed guinea fowl roulade
  • ⦿ roast Fassone beef with rocket
  • ⦿ rabbit cooked in a wood-fired oven
  • ⦿ summer caponata (cooked aubergine salad)


And to finish, homemade desserts. For instance, in the Langhe restaurant you can order:

  • ⦿ pannacotta with red fruits
  • ⦿ bignolone (choux pastry) with chantilly cream
  • ⦿ lemon cream with pineapple
  • ⦿ apricot crumble with cinnamon ice cream
  • ⦿ peaches with chocolate and amaretti biscuits with a crispy wafer
  • ⦿ melon pearls with Pedro Ximenez sherry

Open for dinner every evening except Wednesdays and Sundays.
Open for lunch on Sundays and public holidays.

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